All pastas made by “Handmade Pastas by Yvonne” are individually handmade by Yvonne herself and include fresh eggs, durum semolina, all purpose flour, olive oil, water, lemon oil & zest, vegetables, herbs, and for black pasta, squid ink.

Special flavors and types of pasta by request.
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“Handmade Pastas by Yvonne” is partnered with Olive Tap oils. The olive oil comes from countries around the world as well as California. In addition, customers can buy tomato sauces, olives, dipping spices and garlic and more.

We sell Soergel Orchards Original Marinara Tomato Sauce.

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“Handmade Pastas by Yvonne” not only provides you with delicious pastas, but great recipe ideas using our pasta!

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